15 Minute Histoplasmosis Diagnostic Test

15 Minute Histoplasmosis Diagnostic Test

Histoplasma Rapid Test

The OIDx Histoplasma capsulatum rapid urinary assay delivers accurate results in only 15 minutes.  With the rapid Histoplasma capsulatum quicker and easier histoplasmosis diagnosis is possible, reducing the time to treatment.

  • results in 15 minutes
  • non-invasive – uses a sample of the patient’s urine
  • 96% Sensitivity, 89% Specificity*
  • saves time and money
  • quick, easy, accurate

This is the only test in the world that allows for easy, fast patient screening in only 15 minutes.  With the OIDx Rapid Histoplasmosis Diagnostic Test, a better understanding of the true global threat of histoplasmosis can be developed and faster access to treatment can be had to help improve patient outcomes.  As recent research has revealed the global areas of endemic histoplasmosis are more widespread than traditionally thought and positivity rates may be higher than traditionally believed, novel diagnostic solutions are a necessity to ensure better access to treatment and better outcomes.   Mycotic diseases represent a serious global threat and more attention and resources need to be directed to help combat this threat.

This test represents a serious revolution in histoplasmosis diagnostics and can be used to aid in screening HIV patients in these newly understood endemic regions to ensure treatment can begin sooner than ever before.  Together, we can make a difference.

*Results based on internal evaluation testing

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If you are interested in evaluating this test or for information on purchasing the assay, please contact us via email at: info@optimumidx.com or by telephone at 207-466-1102.

This test is not currently available in all territories.  Please contact us for availability in your region.