Histoplasma Urinary Antigen EIA

How is histoplasmosis diagnosed?

Up to 99% of infections are not detected due to the complexities of diagnosis of histoplasmosis and the limitations of traditional testing methods. It can take days or weeks, depending on the method, to get culture results from reference labs; and many histoplasmosis tests require invasive sample types. Better diagnostic tools are needed by researchers and medical professionals.

With the Histoplasma Urinary Antigen EIA, there is no invasive sampling – standard urine collection delivers superior correlation to reference lab testing allowing for a fast, qualitative, histoplasmosis diagnosis.

Results from reference labs can take days to obtain and can be expensive. With the OIDx Histoplasma Urinary Antigen EIA test, physicians can now obtain accurate results in less than 2 hours and begin to treat the patient without having to wait several days for a result from a reference laboratory, saving the hospital money in the process.